I Drank The “Hulk Loads” Kale Shake

I’ve been committed to health and fitness for a long time. I’m like a Tim Ferriss always searching for optimized, legit and proven methods to make me feel better and keep me healthy.

So when my co-worker told me about the “Hulk Loads” Kale shake I immediately knew I’d try it.

For nearly a year I’ve eaten twice a day, skipping breakfast. This is known as intermittent fasting. I eat my first meal around 1300 and my second meal around 1900 or 2000. That’s it. I’ve been seeing a Naturopath in Torrance and she suggested I increase the number of meals. That’s also why I was excited about this shake. I could have it for my first meal!

I got the ingredients, minus the apple, and made the shake this morning. The result? IT WAS SO FOUL AND DISGUSTING I NEARLY PUKED!

I can scarf down nearly anything, but this shake was so gross. Maybe adding the apple with its sweetness is the missing link, but I doubt it. I don’t see how my co-worker, or Joe Rogan for that matter, can force this down. I’d even held back on the garlic and ginger!

I’ll need to find something else for breakfast.

What do you eat for breakfast?

2 thoughts on “I Drank The “Hulk Loads” Kale Shake”

  1. I’ve been skipping breakfast most of my adult life because I’m not naturally hungry until after 10am on weekdays and 2:30pm on weekends. I can say I very rarely crave sweets or junk food (2 or 3 times a year). And despite both parents having a long history of high blood pressure and diabetes, I have healthy scores across the board on my annual physicals even being overweight and sedentary. The only thing special I do is all organic at home about 12 years now, and short vegetarian/vegan stints when I feel the urge, which keeps my cholesterol very low. If I add breakfast I gain weight because I don’t adjust my calories the rest of the day. It doesn’t feel right to dishonor my natural hunger queues. I love food so when I eat, I eat too much usually and that’s my problem.

  2. You sound very balanced and in tune with your body. Congrats! I’m still going to track all of my calories using Cronometer and I’ll adjust my other meals to compensate. Eventually I’m going to see if I can eat 3-4 meals a day.

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