Daily Posts #1

I’m a fan of Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin. Recently Godin was on Ferriss’ podcast and said, “Everyone should blog every single day. If you are in public making predictions and noticing things your life gets better, because you will find a discipline that can’t help but benefit you. Are you able every day to say one thing that’s new, that you’re willing to stand behind? I think that’s a huge wonderful practice.”

I also took Godin’s advice and listened to Steven Pressfield’s, The War Of Art. This is an entire book focused on overcoming the resistance to create. I want to create more.

So I’m doing it. I’m writing a post here every day. I’m not sure what they’ll be about but they will be short. Here I go!

Today I was close to the beach and realized it’d been a few days since I connected with the ocean. One of the reasons I moved to California was to go to the beach more.

I drove underĀ the bridge on Sanjon Road and parked. I took a short walk along Ventura Beach and watched the sun set.

Just point and shoot.

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AfterwardsĀ I felt immensely better.

The ocean brings a soothing and peaceful vibration. I’m grateful to be so close to the Pacific Ocean now. I mustĀ remember the serenity I receiveĀ when I spend time at the beach and ocean.

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